Basement Foundation and Wall Repair in Dublin


A homeowner’s nightmare: You walk into the basement on a cold dreary night… only to discover a crack in your basement wall! Before you panic and think your entire house needs to be reconstructed, there are a few things you need to know about basement wall cracks.

Having problems with your basement walls? Bowed? Cracked? Sagging Floor? We do it all. Installing I-Beams are a great solution to stop the problem in its tracks. To fix the problem long term, check the grade of dirt on the exterior foundation, add extensions to downspouts to move water away from your foundation.   Dublin Basement Pros haS more than 30 years of experience working in basements. Give us a Call!

Basement walls crack for several reasons, and some are more severe than others.

  1. Horizontal cracks are the most severe and are found parallel to the ground. They are caused by lateral pressure from the surrounding soil and can cause the basement wall to bow out.
  2. Diagonal cracks that run from the top of the basement diagonally to the floor are normally caused by soil pressure.

Most cracks occur gradually and may go unnoticed for many years until a leak is discovered. Don’t let that happen to your beautiful Dublin home! Most basement wall cracks can change seasonally, and they can incoming rainwater can be a threat to your foundation.

Seasonal changes like the heat and Ohio winters can cause basement walls to crack.

For example, in the spring when snow melts and the soil becomes saturated the wall may bow out slightly and crack. Come late summer when moisture has been drawn out by plants and evaporation, the crack may close. The same goes for winter and freezing soil.

Ice can cause a similar movement and cracking as ice builds up and melts.

Two permanent issues caused by seasonal variation are:

  • When the soil settles and remains displaced
  • Sudden adverse climatic conditions such as snowmelt or rain and changing temperatures can cause rapid cracks in basement walls

Differentiating between a minor and a major crack can be difficult. If you are ever concerned about a crack developing in your basement wall, it is best to consult an expert. Dublin Basement Pros has extensive knowledge of residential structures.

One of our amazing team members will be able to determine a cause and repair for the specific issue in your basement wall.


Call Dublin Basement Pros for All of Your Basement Repair Questions Like:

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  • Do I live in an area where expanding soils occur?
  • Does the climate vary significantly from season to season?
  • Should I install drain tiles to help deal with excess water around my basement?
  • What is the capacity of my sump pump?
  • What type of crack am I dealing with?